- Best dates to start the Challenge is in the end of february.


- Better finish before the middle-end of April.


- Could be very dangerous cross rivers and lakes in the dark without any signs or a very well


  marked snowmobile track.


- Be careful when you cross or advance in rivers and lakes.


- Rivers and lakes doesn't have to be totally frozen (even with -40ºC not all are totally

  frozen). Some sections can have lots of centimeters and some sections only few or thin

  ice or free of ice. Just be careful and take the right way.


- Be careful when crossing little rivers, maybe water runs enough fast and never get totally

  frozen or the ice is thin. Also be careful with snow-bridges.


- Best way to cross rivers and lakes is following the official snowmobiles routes, always


  approximatelly signed in map and normally with sticks (but not always).



- In official snowmobile tracks, some snowmobiles can drive very fast. Be careful.


- Don't trust all snowmobile tracks. Reindeer herders goes everywhere out of official tracks.


- Of course is very important to have enough batteries for satellite tracking device and

  enough batteries for mobile phone and keep it as close to your body or in a very insulated



- In case of emergency you also can call 112. There is an app called "112 Suomi". Don't

  forget that if you are not injured 112 won't send you a rescue team.


- All fees for rescue and evacuations off the challenge are at your own responsibility.


- Polarguide and Logistics is not responsable for the accidents that the participants may have for

  whatever reason. Whoever does the Challenge does it under his own responsibility.


- Is good to have a whistle.


- Is good to have a good rear flash back light and reflective patches.


- Almost all track have telephone signal except very isolate sections. Urho Kekkonen

  National Park does not have telephone signal at all.


- In Finland is easy to pay by visa card or similar but is also recommended to carry the sum

  of 400 € cash minimum, in order to cover the unexpected.


- Is not difficult to get a taxi in Finland. So if you want to quit just go to the closest road

  and call a taxi.


- You can move around Finland in english language, but in some places you may find people

  who doesn't speak english or speak very basic, so is good to have a paper with some words

  in Suomi.


In general, all Laavus and Cabins have firewood and some of them have a propane

  kitchen, but sometime wood supply is finish so be prepare.


- Participants can buy food and supplies in Inari (small supermarket), Ivalo (big

  supermarket) and Luosto (small supermarket). Also is possible to buy food and maybe

  petrol in little towns and petrol station you can find in the way as Tanhua, Käyrämö

 (petrol station) and Santa Claus village (8 kilometers from Rovaniemi).


- You can find white gasoline in petrol stations. It's called "4-tahti besiini". Is the petrol

  used for lawn mowers and chain saws. Also you can find propane-butane mix cans (not so

  good if temperatures are so low).


- To light firewood is good to have also this kind of pils normally used to light barbecues.


- Participants can sleep in hotel in Inari, Ivalo and Luosto.


- People of all nationalities have the right to enjoy the Finnish countryside freely under the

  traditional Finnish legal concept know as everyman's right.


- Respect Private Property. You are not allowed to pass, sleep or use any Private Property

  (Finnish laws).


- Please do not litter the trail. Leave no trace.


- Respect yourself. Do not damage any structures and private property.


- If you want we can keep your baggage untill you finish the Challenge for 100 €. Whatever

 baggage you let us will be outside, well protected but expose to minus zero temperatures.

 Just send us an email.