- Who is the organizer of the event?

Polarguide and Logistics


- What events have you organized before?



- The idea of the event is to pass through the waypoints without outside help. Is using roads, that are cleared of snow, ok? How about snowmobile trials?

People must choose the track they want to arrive to the mandatory waypoints. Participants are responsible for their actions.


- Are the participants allowed to stop at the local shops along the way?

Yes, if they want to do so.


- What different gear do you think the participants will use for transportation?

This is a human powered race- Participants must choose the gear they think is the best. In any case we recommend skis and pulka.


- How can enter the challenge?

Anybody who had finished races such as Iditarod Trail Invitational, Yukon Arctic Ultra, etc...

Anybody with experience in long winter journeys.

Anybody with experience in a winter traverses or polar traverses.


- How is it possible for the public to follow the challenge?

It will be possible on behalf internet following the satellite tracker. This information will be published later on. Also we will update your progress in our Facebook page.


- Does the "no outside help" rule out shops and gas stations?

No, you can stop anywhere you want to buy food or gas, even you can sleep in hotel if you want to do so. The meaning of "no outside help" is that this is a human powered challenge. No outside help to advance up or down the trail as snowmobiles or cars or motorbikes, dogs, reindeers, horse, etc.


- Aka meaning going truly unsupported?

You go on your way. You do what you want but NO car, motobike, snowmobile or any kind of transportation.


- Can I do groceries, stay at hotels, eat in restaurant?

Yes if you want.


- Is the Lapland Extreme Challenge predominantly a footrace or predominantly a ski or bike race?

The race philosophy is: You choose your way, you choose your gear. This leave open to every participant the way they choose to compete once they look where the mandatory waypoints are. Anyway we recommend to use skis and pulka. If you are planning to do it by fat-bike (not recommended) you really have to find a good way and, for sure, some gadget to push your bike in deep snow as easy as possible...


-Would completion of Arrowhead 135 be sufficient experience to get an entry ?

This is a good experience but also is recommended to have other experience in long winter journeys.